Monday, June 30, 2008

A Fun Afternoon With Kids and Newfs

Our friend Charlotte came over for lunch on Saturday with three of her children who were all adopted from China: Raeghan, Riley and Rachael. They had been watching videos of the dogs on our blog for months now and they were really wanted to meet Katie and Louis in person. I had a feeling that they would have quite a different reaction to the dogs in real life. Even though neither of the dogs is full grown they do add up to almost 200 pounds of Newfie and that can be overwhelming for a child that has never seen such a big dog. Katie and Louis were barking their heads off from all the excitement when the four of them arrived, so that did not make the situation any easier.

Here the kids are seeking refuge on the kitchen window seat. Louis is very curious. He was especially taken with Rachael the youngest of the three. I don't know what it was about her (maybe because she is the youngest like him :-), but much to her horror he wanted to give her lots of kisses.

Me saving Rachael from Louis' kisses

Rachael trying to communicate something to Gary

Gary snuggling Raeghan

Raeghan gets brave and decides to pet Louis.
I love the expressions on both of their faces.

I walked into the bathroom and found 5 month old Louis in the bathtub. I called the kids in and you can tell from all the jumping up and down that they thought this was just hilarious.

We love you too Katie!

Gary and Rachael in the living room

These dogs are pretty nice after all!

Louis makes the best pillow with his soft puppy fluff.

Now that the visit is almost over everyone is completely comfortable with the dogs.

Getting ready to go.

Riley and Louis

Riley's face says "These dogs are cool!"


Booker the Treeing Walker said...

That looks like a great visit! Good job on getting the kids and the dogs so comfortable with each other. What a wonderful lesson about loving big dogs!

Roy said...

Very cool--thanks for sharing.