Saturday, January 24, 2015

Busy Girls

Natalie and I have been so extremely busy that I haven't had time to post to our blog in ages, so brace yourself for a TON of pictures.

Natalie with her school project turkey that we made together.  Each feather of the turkey shows things she is thankful for.
During a reenactment of the first Thanksgiving each child chose their own Indian name.  Natalie chose "Cooking Owl" :)  Also, note Natalie's entry on the chart in the background.
Another school project... a funny one, especially for a vegetarian
Eating a huge Thanksgiving dinner with Mitch, Donna and family
Resting after the big meal
Pizza anyone?
In early December we went to Natalie's Greatgrandmother's house to visit with her and my Dad, Natalie's Grandaddy.  We had a wonderful time.  It makes me happy to see Natalie having wonderful times with people that I love so much.

Dressing like one of her favorite characters from Dora and Friends

Fancy girl going for a walk

Making a new friend at swim class.

Letter to Santa (wishlist reads Necklace, horse, doll)

Dancing at Target

 My 3 favorite girls
 Her wedding costume was one of her Christmas presents 
Natalie didn't want her friend Mitch to leave so she sat on his feet.

Unhappy girl
Celebrating Donna's Birthday

On a playdate with 2 awesome sister friends