Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dog School Becomes a Family Affair

Since Gary will be showing Louis in conformation, he agreed to take Louis to his second session of puppy school. This will give them a chance to get used to working together. So Tuesdays have become family dog school night. Katie and I got to watch as Louis and Gary were in puppy class for the first time last week. Louis is the biggest puppy in his class even though he is not the oldest. They really didn't do much the first night, but their second class is tonight and I predict that they will have a lot more fun.
Below is a picture of Katie and I in our novice class which immediately followed the puppy class. We are taking it mainly for the healing practice. In the below picture Katie is practicing her sit stay. She did great sit and down stays even when the teacher got right in her face and put a treat 1" from her mouth. She did not break and she did not take the treat...for Katie (my little piglet) to ignore food is huge...I was so proud. Next we practiced the recall. I took Katie to one end of the room, told her to sit and stay and then walked about 30-40 feet away and gave her the come command. She came to me as fast as she could (which wasn't very fast given the unpleasant temperature of the room) and did a perfectly straight "front" sit. I told her "around" and she walked behind me to sit beside me in heel position. I know for many advanced people this is no big deal, but I am quite pleased with the progress we are making. She also did some pretty decent off lead healing. I am so proud of my sweet Katie and glad we both are having so much fun working together.

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