Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Desk Nook

By Katie the Newf...

Whenever my mama is on her computer I like to shove my way past the tiny space between her chair and her desk and contort my body until I fit about 95% of myself in the space where Mama's feet are supposed to go. It really is a tiny, tiny space, so as I'm twirling around and trying to get comfy under there the whole desk shakes. I've been doing this for a long time, but now that my little brother Louis has come along things are getting a bit more challenging. You see, Louis has also decided that this primo spot is his favorite as well, so the desk nook is rarely empty now. As soon as one of us leaves the other one jumps right in. Until today we had been doing a pretty good job of taking turns. The Newf not currently occupying the special nook usually lays down beside Mama's chair.

This afternoon I was having a turn in the desk nook. Suddenly, Louis got crazy - as puppies will do sometimes (I can say that because I'm a grown up 19 month old). He started pushing past Mama's legs like he didn't even know I was in there. Duh! Of course he knew... I'm kind of hard to miss. Then he proceed to climb all over me. He actually walked on me, did a 180 degree turn and landed in the position shown below. He forced part of me out of the Nook, but I still managed to keep my bodacious booty inside. Mama had to carefully lift her desk chair out from under our legs so she could get this picture.

You may wonder why we love this nook so much. Well, for starters it has a great den like feeling, but the most important reason is we get to be as close as possible to our mama. Even though we don't give Mama anywhere to put her legs, other than in the chair or on top of us, she never complains. She seems to like to be close to us too.


The Zoo said...

I think Louis just loves being near you! He really loves his big sister! What's shocking is that you both fit in that space!

babyphat523 said...

Katie and Louis look like siamese conjoined twins under there!
How endearing that they love to be so close to you Charity! They need to be physically in contact with their mum.

xoxo :)

The Zoo said...

Hey Charity! Have you been having issues with NN? I haven't been able to log on in two days! Today I could log on but can't read any of the posts...