Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Moments

Daddy and Daughter Guitar Duet
IMG_1631 photo file-170.jpg

IMG_1633 photo file-171.jpg

Natalie's first time to ride her tricycle outside
photo photo file-149.jpg

photo photo file-151.jpg

Natalie playing with her BIG brother Louie
IMG_1603 photo file-163.jpg

On our way to eat fish tacos
IMG_0027 photo file-165.jpg

IMG_0028 photo file-166.jpg

Natalie LOVES fish in any form.  We couldn't get her to stop eating long enough to tell us if she liked it.

Louie is such a good sport...truly the most patient dog ever!
IMG_1623 photo file-168.jpg

IMG_1624 photo file-169.jpg

Party at the Little Gym

Natalie recently attended her friend's 3rd birthday party at the Little Gym.  She had a wonderful time and showed more confidence and strength than when she attended a party there 6 months ago.  It feels so good to watch her playing happily with other children and learning to make her way in the world.  IMG_1574 photo file-152.jpg

IMG_1576 photo file-153.jpg

IMG_1577 photo file-154.jpg

IMG_1578 photo file-155.jpg

IMG_1584 photo file-156.jpg

IMG_1592 photo file-157.jpg

She has come so far from the 21 month old child who could barely walk a little over a year ago.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Chilly Marathon Day

Marathon Day was a cold one this year, so we didn't stay outside long enough to take many pictures. We gave encouragement to a few hundred runners and then left the remaining thousands to complete their run without the Newfie /Natalie cheering squad.  Natalie had a great time clapping and yelling "Go Runners!"DSC06550 photo file-161.jpg

DSC06549 photo file-160.jpg

DSC06528 photo file-158.jpg

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Japanese Quince and Chinese-American Beauty

As I was cleaning out my closet today I found an old skirt that I decided to make into an impromptu dress for Natalie.  Using a ribbon and a few safety pins Natalie was soon wearing her new princess dress.  Gary thought she looked so pretty that he did a quick photo shoot in front of our Japanese Quince.
DSC06595 photo file-6.jpg

DSC06593 photo file-5.jpg

DSC06588 photo file-4.jpg

DSC06587 photo file-3.jpg

DSC06585 photo file-2.jpg

DSC06583 photo file-1.jpg

DSC06580 photo file.jpg