Friday, June 14, 2013

Dressing Up and Dressing Down

Have I mentioned before that Natalie is obsessed with fashion?  She picks out her own clothes everyday and 99% of the time she chooses a dress.  She loves dresses so much that she often begs me to wear one too.  Yesterday I did, so we decided to take a few pictures because as Natalie said, "We match".  Maybe not in the color or style of dress, but the fact that we both had dresses on was good enough for her.
 photo DSC06690.jpg

 photo DSC06698.jpg

 photo DSC06702.jpg

 photo DSC06705.jpg

 photo DSC06706.jpg

Water play days started at school last week.  Natalie is having a blast splashing around with her friends at school.
 photo DSC06714.jpg

 photo DSC06718.jpg

 photo DSC06715.jpg