Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nesting for Natalie

A robin and her 3 chicks just vacated this nest right outside our back door. This mother's sturdy, sweet nest has been an inspiration to me.

I've spent quite a bit of time this weekend working on child proofing the house. During my breaks I put together a photobook that I will send to Natalie in China as soon as we receive our referral. Usually the nannies at the orphanages or the foster mothers will show pictures of the children's new parents to them. Hopefully when Natalie sees us in person for the first time our faces will be at least a little familiar. I also plan on sending a little stuffed animal with our scents on it. While we are in China with Natalie we will show her pictures of her grandparents, aunts, dogs, etc.

With the Newfs especially, I want to prepare Natalie as much as possible. A good friend of mine had the idea that we show her videos of us playing with Katie and Louie. Natalie will at least be able to see them and hear them a bit before she has the shock of meeting the Giants in person.

Here is Natalie's Family Book in a slideshow format. The music in the background is "This is Home" by Lucy Kaplansky, a wonderful artist and fellow adoptive China mother.