Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chinese New Year and Other Winter Fun

In February we celebrated Chinese New Year with a bunch of other families who have children who were also adopted from China.  Below is Natalie doing crafts with some of the other kids.

We had a couple of decent snows last winter which equated to 8 days of school missed.

During brunch at the Purple Cow Natalie ran into an old friend.

Natalie taking care of her little stuffed Newfoundland dog, aptly named Seadog (she recently started calling him "Seed"...his nickname she says).  I love how caring she is to people and her little "babies".  Natalie made Seadog a comfy bed, covered him up and left out plenty of food and water for him.

Dancing down the hallway

Ready to go to the Chinese Lantern Festival at school.

We were fortunate that Natalie's teacher was so open to celebrating different holidays in the classroom.  For CNY we took mandarin oranges and red envelopes for each child.  We also read a couple of books about Chinese New Year.  For the lantern festival a couple of weeks later each child made a lantern and then we had a parade with one child dressed up as a dragon and the kids all walking on bubble wrap to simulate firecrackers.