Saturday, May 31, 2008

Louis Loves Lixit

Katie hasn't been using her Lixit much, but 4 month old Louis has discovered it. He is now a huge fan and makes sure to get a drink every time he goes outside.

Here is a link to the faucet extender we used.  You will need to purchase a short hose to go with it.


The Zoo said...

That is such a cool idea! I'm going to order one for Gabe & Murph for our yard. I think they will love it!

The Muehli's said...

I had to laugh when he came at you after drinking & you pulled back the camera to avoid the sloppy "thank you" kisses :) I think we are going to have to get our pump working here and get one of those for Ayla - so very cool although she may never stop drinking from it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

WhooHoo!!! Ethel, Oreo, Luci, and of course the World's Greatest Smoocher "Mr. Smooch" aka Ricky all say: "Dad we want one too!" Guess I will be going to the store to get one.

cmdrted of the Newfie Nut House

Cmdrted said...

OOPS! Forgot to say, what an easy to set up looking rig that is. Definately on the agenda for installation