Friday, May 23, 2008


BearBo used to be a pretty, plush, expensive Gund brand stuffed puppy dog that Mom got me for Christmas about 25 years ago. When Katie joined our family I decided to sacrifice my puppy toy for my new Newfie puppy. Now BearBo is a ratty toy that has been through the washing machine quite a few times.

Gary once asked me why the toy's name is BearBo when it isn't even a bear, but a stuffed dog. "Shouldn't it be DogBo" he asked, with a puzzled look on his face. I don't know why; that's just what his name is.

As a tiny pup, Katie loved to cuddle BearBo and seemed comforted by him. When Louis came along I decided that BearBo would be his special toy to be kept in his crate. For the past two months Louis has slept with and sometimes on top of BearBo and has been comforted by the cuddly friend that is covered in mine and Katie's scents. Yesterday when I turned my back for a minute Louis crept into his crate and came bouncing into the kitchen carrying BearBo in his mouth. When I say "bouncing" visualize a fifty pound puppy jumping several inches into the air with every other step. He was so proud of himself for nabbing the prize toy that he could not contain his joy. Louis bounced as fast as he could through the dog door to play with BearBo outside. I let Louis play with him for a few minutes before I whisked BearBo away to go back into his crate home. I didn't want BearBo to get torn up because none of us would get any sleep at night if Louis didn't have his special friend to cuddle.
Of course Katie had to get in on the BearBo action.

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The Zoo said...

What a sweet story! Louis is getting more handsome by the minute...