Sunday, May 18, 2008

Puppy School

Today was Louis' last day of his first session of puppy school. Below he is pictured with a couple of his classmates: Clancy the Irish Terrier and Gunner the Vizsla.

We had a great time socializing with the other puppies and their humans. Louis learned sit, down, stand, sit stay, down stay, come, loose healing, along with an introduction to some simple agility equipment. Most of all we had fun and set the stage for many future dog classes together.

I think Louis' favorite part was the Salmon Cookies. I always use these in class because I can pop one in my mouth and bite off little pieces to feed Louis during the exercises. It allows my hands to be free and also keeps his attention on my face. A lot of people use beef or chicken, but since I am a pesco-vegetarian (meaning I eat fish, but no meat) I don't want either of those in my mouth. The salmon treats are so yummy that I sometimes nibble on them myself during class. (See recipe in entry below)

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Anonymous said...

Love the name Natalie!Your pups are so cute!
Monica did not know how to quilt when she got started on Reese's quilt...but she asked people and joined the OHGWQ yahoogroup, and now she's done it..I am so proud of her for undertaking such a HUGE task-but I think we are going to go broke buying fabric, LOL. What a terrible problem to have!Cheryl , mom to Reese and Monica