Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Playing Possum

This morning right after I let Katie and Louis out to use their outdoor bathroom, I heard very loud, insistent barking from Katie. She only barks like that when something is amiss. I went to investigate and saw a dead baby possum lying on the ground under our Rose of Sharon bushes. I told the dogs to leave it and brought them inside the house. Then I put on a rubber glove and got some plastic bags so that I could pick the dead critter up and dispose of it. When I got to the spot where it had been all I saw was the ground. Then I glanced up into the Rose of Sharon and saw this:

Wow, he was a talented possum... he really looked dead. Now I have to go check the yard to make sure he's gone so that Katie and Louis can go back out.

Ok, he's gone, but Katie and Louis are having still having fun running around smelling his scent. They loved the morning excitement.

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through BlogCatalog. Your dogs are beautiful! When were you logged in in China? Isn't the wait crazy now? We met our daughter in November 2006 - you WILL get there!