Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Katie's New Toy

When I went to Petsmart to pick up a special ball for Gary and Louis to use for their fetch practice, I spotted this strange looking blue dog toy. For some reason Katie became quite enamored of it. As she held it in her mouth I thought her face regressed to looking like a cute 108 pound puppy :-)


B said...

Katie looks very cute with her new baby puppy. :)
My Suzy has that same reaction with her loofa dogs. She even sleeps with them at night. When her loofa's finally reach the last leg and need to be disposed, she mopes around the house until I bring home a replacement.
I'm sure this will become a well loved toy and maybe even Katie's favorite. ;)

Unknown said...

We are two peas in a pod Katie girl! I have that same toy and LOVE it!!!! That is, until Murphy snatches it and tries to dismember it...
Then Mom has to go to the store to get me another...
My favorite by far!

nurseabby said...

hi there!

I stumbled upon your blog while doing one of my many newf. google searches and I am SO pleased I did. As a soon to be first time puppy owner (looking to get a newf. summer of 09') I was immediately captivated by your tale. Your blogs are heartwarming, entertaining, and full of useful firsthand advice...not to mention plenty of oh-so-cute doggy pictures that keep me chomping at the bit... What more could a future newf. owner wish for? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your stories as they have been both inspirational and reassuring. Now, I just have to be patient and keep looking for a breeder that will provide as perfect pups as yours! Your dogs are so lucky to have you and your husband as parents and I can't wait for you to be able to bring your little girl home from China as I know you will make EXCEPTIONAL PARENTS!!! & you really deserve it. Best of luck with everything and keep on blogging ;)
Abby from PA