Sunday, May 25, 2008

Water Fun Will Wear You Out

Gary, Katie, Louis and I spent part of Memorial Day Weekend with Mom, John and a couple of dear friends at M&J's house. We had a great time...lots of good conversation, delicious food and fun with our sweet Newfies.

First, they played in the sprinkler

Then Louis went for his first ever swim. He was a strong swimmer...and didn't seem nervous about it like Katie was her first time.

Afterwards he was quite worn out even though the whole swim only lasted for about sixty seconds. Our goal was just to give him a little bit of exposure, he seemed to like it at first but quickly tired. Gary carried him to the edge and placed him here. After a few minutes of rest he went off to romp with Katie.

Katie and Louis chillin' out

"Mama, I'm a sleepy puppy"

As usual, Katie is as close to her people as possible

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