Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Memorial Weekend Pictures

I just got these pictures today that were taken by our friend, BettyAnn, during our visit to Mom and John's house last weekend. Thanks so much BA!

Lean on Me

Louis looking at Katie like she has some funky breath

Sitting Straight...Finally!

Do you think Katie is happy at all?

Face Off

Glimpse of a Cute Newfie Puppy Tongue

Cute Newfie Puppy Behind with a Bonus of the Beautiful Big Sis

Louis Being a Very Good Boy During a Two Parent Shampoo

Clean Puppy and Gary Glowing with Love for His Baby Louis


The Zoo said...

OMG!!! Charity! Little Louis is not so little anymore! He's more like a handsome Hunk-O-Newf!!! Whoa Nelly is he getting big!

The Zoo said...

P.S. I missed this post somehow the other day that's why I'm just now commenting!