Monday, May 26, 2008

Budding Water Dogs Face Dive for Hot Dogs

This afternoon we decided to try a water training tip from Nanook and Pooka's Blog. We threw a bunch of hot dog pieces into the kiddie pool so that Katie and Louis could get used to putting their faces under water. All four of us had a great time.

Part 1
In part one I am holding the pieces just under the water to get them used to the idea.

Part 2
They are starting to stick their faces completely under the water now.

Part 3
Now Katie is really getting the idea of diving for hot dogs.

Part 4
Last one...check out Louis' hair do when he turns toward the camera. It really cracks me up.

Sweet Sopping Wet Katie
"That was fun Mama, now we are ready for MORE hot dogs!"


Kathryn and Ari said...

The hotdogs are a great idea. Ari is a little water shy: she thinks she has to drink while she is swimming, so she gets full pretty quickly, which also means we have to get out of the lake pretty quickly, too.

Nessa said...

Yup! They definitely got that figured out! Well done!