Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sisters & Friends: Katie & Rose

This afternoon I took Katie for a visit with her sister/litter-mate Rose and their breeders. The silly girls would not be still for a picture because they were having way too much fun playing. All I could get in the yard was this picture of their rear ends.

I had to wait until they got behind the chain link before I could get both of them to look at me at the same time. (Rose is the one standing up.)

Here’s a close up of Rose - a cutie & a sweetie!

Katie and Rose were raised by wonderful people who I am forever grateful to for giving me my sweet girl and for teaching me so much about Newfs.

Today Bonnie gave me a much needed lesson on trimming Newfie ears. Katie’s ears were a furry mess before, but now they are smooth, defined and silky. She looks like a new dog now. It’s funny that I have not stepped inside a salon for over 18 years, but I’m concerned about my dog having the right hairdo :-)

Doesn’t she look beautiful? I love her big brown eyes.