Sunday, July 8, 2007

Latest Referrals from China

Last week, the CCAI in China sent out the latest batch of referrals. This time they covered seven calendar days. The chart below shows what the trend has been on the number of calendars days referred each month since January of 2006. The outside world may think that it is a bit strange to track such minutia, but parents adopting from China have so little information that we like to make the most of what we do know. These details help to keep some of us sane. It really helps to see progress being made every month even if it’s not a lot of progress. Also, for people who are not familiar with adoption from China, I must explain that one specific week may have many more dossiers logged in than the following week. So the chart below just gives us a rough idea of how things are going. (Sorry, the chart format got messed up in the transition to blogger, so I deleted it. New chart available in a January 2008 post.)