Monday, July 2, 2007

Katie, my gardening assistant

Katie, our 8 month old, 88 pound Newfie loves to assist us with all of our projects. She stayed quite busy Saturday morning making sure we had plenty of "help". First, she spent a few hours outside with Gary helping him while he was laying down bricks for the backyard walkway. She watched his every move to make sure that he did not make any errors. Also, she sniffed everything to make sure that all of the appropriate materials were used. I'm sure there was also some slime involved... most likely she allowed him to use her drool as an excellent additive to keep the sand in place.

For me it was the most lovely weekend that I've had in ages. Mostly because for some unknown reason I felt very peaceful. I spent both Saturday and Sunday mornings working in my backyard which had grown pretty wild this year. I had so much fun watching things shape up as I worked. Katie was by my side the whole time keeping me company. She made sure that I took breaks once in a while, so that I would squirt her off with the water hose. She loves to chase the water stream around the yard. Each time I moved to a different area of the yard she would come up to me and lay down right beside where I was standing with her big body gently pressing into one of my legs. Her presence was such a comfort to me. I don't think I would do nearly as well during this long wait for Lily without Katie. I think she is going to be an awesome BIG sister for Lily. She is the sweetest dog I have ever known.