Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Newfs Are Not for Uptight People

I used to be quite uptight, maybe even slightly obsessive compulsive. Thankfully, I rid myself of most of that during the last decade. Dearest, darling Katie is helping me make sure that those old personality traits are completely obliterated. Today she decided that it’s not enough to bring truckloads of dirt into the house, sling drool around to cover entire rooms, and leave hair all over the place... no, she must also eat the drywall. Today she thought to herself “that lady needs a test to see if she has really learned how to take things in stride”. So, this is what she did today in the sun/dog room. You can even see the teeth marks in the sheet-rock. Is Katie worth it? Of course! Bring on the spackle, paint and another Newf :-)