Sunday, July 8, 2007

Katie’s first time in the pool

Autobiographical account by Katie (pictures by her awesome Gdad, John :-)

My first time swimming in GMom and GDad’s pool. My Mom is trying to help me swim... doesn’t she realize that I am a NEWF?!?! I was born to be in the water. Didn’t she notice that I have webbed feet? Now she is saying that she’s going to make me wear a life jacket until I get stronger and more confident. How embarrassing - I just hope no other Newfie sees me with that contraption on.

See Mom... I can do it by myself!

I’m trying show off my special white foot, and my family is herding me. I really couldn’t figure out what they were trying to accomplish.

Mom is shepherding me to the stairs because she didn’t want me to try climbing over the edge. I’ll tell you - sometimes she can be such a stickler for rules and regs.

Mom and Dad doting over what a good swimmer I am. They must love me quite a lot.

Shake it Baby!

Watching the crazy people in the water. I gotta make sure none of them start drowning.

It feels so good to be loved :-)