Sunday, April 19, 2009

Three Tries and...

Three wins! Louie went into the Rally ring for the third time yesterday. And he qualified again!!! He got a score of 93 and earned fourth place. Most importantly, he earned his Rally Novice Title. We are so proud of our little Newf puppy.

Me and Louie with his new Title ribbon

A photoshoot back at home. Louie says "Ribbons, shimbbons, I want to play with my toy that I won.

That's more like it :)

Mom, I'll do well in the ring from now on if you promise they will give me a toy like this each time. This is cool!

Yep, I AM the king!!!



Jazzy said...

Yes Louie , you are the king ! I am so proud of you ! Love your beautiful ribbons .You deserve them =D
Enjoy your toy =D
Great pics of you and your mom !

Sophie and Isabella said...

You are so adorable! Congratulations! We're sure this is only the beginning of many wins for you.
Sophie and Bella

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