Saturday, April 11, 2009

Draft Class VI: Freight Pull

Gary and Louie accompanied me and Katie during a carting lesson yesterday. Gary had the role of camera man, Louie and I were the supporting actors and Miss Katie was the star of the show.

The lesson for the day was adding cargo to the wagon. Until now Katie has been pulling the empty wagon which weighs about 50 pounds. We added a 30 pound bag of Orijen (which is the delicious fishy food that Katie and Louie eat) to bring the total weight up to 80 pounds. She didn't even seem to notice the extra weight except when we went up a hill. My plan is to use this weight in all of Katie's future lessons. When Natalie comes home she will weigh way less than 30 pounds, so she should be a breeze for Katie to pull around the neighborhood.

We will practice at least twice a week until it gets too hot and then restart our training in the fall. I am hoping to have Katie ready to take the Draft test next spring.


Raising Addie said...

Good Job Katie!!!!

Happy Easter!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie

Charlotte said...

Katie is doing awesome ! I can't wait to see her carting Natalie around ! What any child could ask for her ~ her very own set of indoor horses, lol !

Charlotte and crew

Anonymous said...

great job Katie!!

btw, i am loving the photos in the sidebar of Louie & Katie as they grow up together. (i usually follow blogs via my GoogleReader so I rarely see the pages themselves!)

Ms. ~K said...

Wow...your blog is great!!!
And your pictures/videos are incredible...
May I ask what kind of camera you have?
I've added your link to my blog and I'll be a regular visitor!

Nika said...

Hi! We will be a regular visitor to your site - what beautiful doggies!

Nika + Parker

Charity, Gary, Katie and Louie said...

We use a FujiFilm FinePix e550 I believe it's called. It's a 6MP plain jane, 4 year old camera. It's not fancy at all but it does a pretty good job, and it's nice and compact for taking on walks and hikes. We use the same camera for the video.

Thanks for checking out our blog! We are enjoying yours also.

Ruby Red Dog said...

Maybe you can come to our house and give me a ride around in that wagon!

Jazzy said...

Great job Katie ! What a great way to have fun on these beautiful spring days !Really cute video of all of you =D