Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Real Life "Leave It" Lesson

Last night I noticed that Louie and Katie were in the backyard investigating something with intensity. My intuition told me it wasn't just a toy or a stick that they were finding so fascinating. As I approached I saw that Katie had something in her mouth. She was holding her mouth in a very strange way like she was trying to keep her mouth soft and spacious inside. And she was turning her head away from Louie to keep him from taking the object away from her. I told her to drop the item and was unexpectedly faced with a little baby bird with its mouth and eyes wide open. It was mostly brown in color - probably a sparrow that looked to be just a few days away from being able to safely leave the nest. I wanted to pick it up so that neither of the incredibly interested Newfies would cause it further harm, but I admit to be scared of bird diseases (Katie apparently does not share my fear). I decided to try using the leave it command, but I was prepared to pounce on either Newfie that took a step towards the baby bird. When neither Newf made a move to touch it, although it was apparent that they desperately wanted to, I took a few steps away from the threesome. Katie and Louie were still staring at the bird, but left it alone. I went in the house and got a pair of rubber gloves. After donning them I made my way back to the Newfs and bird. I gently picked up the baby and cradled it in my hands. It was very calm and seemed to like being held. As I pondered what to do with the little guy he passed away. I felt bad for the little one, and I hope his nestmates are still alive and flourishing.

Despite my sadness I felt proud of Katie and Louie. They listened so well to me in a very tempting situation. I don't know what their intentions were toward the bird, but it seemed that Katie was trying to keep it safe. She certainly had not chomped down on it as there was no visible wounds (I think it died of internal injuries from falling out of its nest in our tree). When I was holding it in my hands Louie was curious about it, but he seemed to understand that it was something delicate and he respected my wishes for him to leave it alone. We are so fortunate to have such sweet Newfies in our lives.

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Ruby Red Dog said...

Sounds like you both passed the "leave it" lesson. I passed mine with a scorpion and a tarantula. Now I tell mum right away when I see either one in the house.

I think we could have some fun together, Louie. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Ruby in the Red Rocks