Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good (& Dirty) Friday

By Katie the Newf

It seems that everywhere we go people are always amazed by how clean and beautiful we are. Well, today we are letting you in on a secret. We don't always look that way. I know it's hard to believe but here is the proof.

Sometimes we have a contest to see who can get the dirtiest. Louie always beats me because: A) He is only a puppy and B) He is a BOY!!

Here's me just about as dirty as I ever get

See I am a LITTLE dirty, but not too bad.

If you want to see some real dirt action check out my baby brother

The origin of the dirt is this awesome wrestling ring that Louie and I made all by ourselves. Daddy was so proud (Not!) It only look us a couple of weeks of hard work to first crush and then completely decimate all of the vegetation in this area. Now we have a nice place where we can have our daily wrestling matches.


I'm sorry we're just too tired to put on a wrestling show for you right now. It's been a busy day. Mama didn't have to go to work so we spent all day following her around to see what kind of cool stuff she was going to do. It's fun having Mama, Daddy or better yet both home with us. Come back later and we'll see if we can muster up some energy to put on a show for you.
Hugs from Katie and Louie


Ellen (Orchids, Gardens and Minis, Oh My!! said...

Too cute Charity.. I can just see them. I tell you they will have some competition next time we get them all together.

Ellen & Chuck and the furkids at the Lake.

Kristine said...

Every Newf could use their own personal mud pit I suppose. I can only imagine what their wrestling spot looks like after a good dose of rain.

Charity, Gary, Katie and Louie said...

Thankfully we live on the side of a hill, so the water doesn't stick around. We always dry out quickly after it rains.

Jazzy said...

Katie and Louie look so cute in their wrestling ring ! =D
Too adorable for words both of them !