Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tag...Louie's It

My new friend Parker tagged me. The honest scrap award means we are supposed to tell you 10 honest scraps about ourselves and then tag 3 others that we'd love to hear more about. So here you go, just a few of the millons of interesting tidbits about me.

1) I believe in clean ears. I keep Daddy and Katie's ears sparkling all the time. When I meet a new dog that I like I always do them a favor and clean their ears. It doesn't matter if the dog is a boy or a girl. I do not discriminate; I believe in clean ears for everyone.

2) Sometimes I moo just like a cow. Really, really loud too! And my favorite time to Moo is at 2:30 a.m. because I only Moo in my sleep. Everytime I do it Mama and Daddy start laughing and saying I'm lucky I'm so cute. Well, Duh...that's really stating the obvious.

3) I hate to be alone unless it's by my choice. Sometimes I'll go sit in the yard for a few minutes to enjoy some solitude. But don't you dare try to go anywhere without me.

4) My fan is my friend. I sleep in front of it every night. Even if it's cold out I still enjoy my fan.

5) Now that I get to be a therapy dog like Katie, I'm planning on giving away free drool with every visit.

6) I think my Sissy likes it when I steal her toys...sometimes right out of her mouth. She must like it because she keeps letting me do it.

7) Katie is my bestest friend in the whole world. When I was just a baby she helped to raise me. That's why I turned out to be such a good boy who deserves lots and lots of treats.

8) I am the Greatgrandson of Josh, the Newf that won Best in Show at Westminster in 2004. That must be why I was a natural right away in the showring. I won best in working group at 3 months and again at 4 months old at AKC Fun Matches. I love to be the center of attention so I'm looking forward to Daddy taking me in the ring some more this fall.

9) I figured out how to open the backdoor. It's a lever, so that part was easy to lift with my nose, but then I had to figure out how to pull the door towards me at the same time. No sweat since I am after all a total genius.

10) World peace - that's my life goal. If everyone could be as kindhearted as me we wouldn't have any more war. I have never growled in my life and have never even curled my lip at another dog...NOT EVER! Let's just focus on keeping each others ears clean and we'll be too busy to get into trouble.

Love and licks from Louie the 14 month old Newf Puppy (Mama says I'm a puppy until I'm at least 18 months old...silly Mama...I'm already bigger than my "big" sister)

I am tagging:
Sophie & Isabella the Newfs
Ruby the Golden Retriever/Irish Setter
Rebecca and Molly the Border Collies

Notice that they're all girl dogs...I forgot to mention that I LOVE the ladies ;)

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Nika + PARKER said...

Thanks Louie - it was great to hear some stuff about you. I too have never growled at anyone - I am actually not eve sure how to. Also, I think you'll be called a puppy forever, my Mom still calls me a puppy and i'm gonna be 4 next month!