Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where Am I Supposed to Put My Legs?

Katie and Louis have now teamed up against me. They have decided I should give up using my computer and play with them instead. Actually, they are just trying to be close to their mama which I, of course, love. Scarlett is just to the left of the desk in a little pen to keep her and Louis separated. So, the four of us are occupying about 10 square feet of the house... very cozy.


The Muehli's said...

Louis is precious...and judging by those paws he's going to be a BIG boy. We still toy with the idea of getting another puppy at some point and now Ayla would love it...but one will just have to be enough for a while longer.

I so love Katie's white paws with the ticking. One of Ayla's "aunts" has that and she's just adorable.

Hope they decide to give you a bit more space soon at your desk...although I can imagine it will only get worse ;-)

Kathryn and Ari said...

They make such a fabulous pair. How could you possibly resist them?