Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dear Scarlett Has Left Us

Scarlett, our Sweet Siberian Husky
4-1-1993 to 4-15-2008

My dear girl Scarlett decided that 15 years was a long enough life. This morning I carried my poor girl into the vet's office to give her the gift of peace. Thankfully she had a good life up until the end and she did not suffer. Just last week she was actually running around a little bit like a much younger dog and being very demanding about going for her daily walks promptly. She was also very vocal about letting us know when she wanted her Kong. A few days ago she almost completely stopped eating. She was already quite thin, so this weakened her quickly. We could tell that she was not going to bounce back this time; she was ready to go.

I have shed so many tears today, but mostly it was a good experience. I held my baby on my lap and cradled her head in my arms while we were waiting at the vet's office. I gave her so many kisses and she returned every one of them. She was so sweet and good even as the vet gave her a sedative. She passed very peacefully and I am filled with gratitude for that.

Scarlett will be missed in our family, but I am happy to think that now she is with her brother and best friend, Lincoln waiting for us all at the rainbow bridge.

Click here for a link to the tribute I did for Scarlett's 15th birthday a couple of weeks ago.

Me and my sweet girl


Ang said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I can tell how much joy and love Scarlett brought to your lives.

babyphat523 said...

I'm so sorry to read this Charity. I know Scarlett will be watching over your family from the Rainbow Bridge. She is running free now. Wishing you peace during this difficult time. Many hugs to you.

Monica said...

I'm so sorry. I know how hard it is to lose a dear (fuzzy) friend. We lost my aunt's 16 year old cat last fall, that my aunt had had since she was 6 (she's 20 or 21 now). It's my theory that Rita wanted to wait to see the last of the grandkids who might actually be able to remember her some day (the other was born in Feb., after her passing). Maybe Scarlett waited until you got Louis settled in, so you would have someone else who needed you to get along. I know it hurts terribly, but remember, she's happy and healthy now, and waiting for you to come retrieve her across the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, she'll play with the little angel kiddos who come to visit her. :)

Much love, *hugs*


Buoy & Garbo - Newfoundland Dogs said...

I know excactly what you and your family are going through.

It is a very sad moment, but instead of remembering them at the end, my wife and I spent one evening thinking of every great occasion and how our Bailey touch, enriched and strengthened our relationship by just being himself.

Please accept our deepest sympathies and condolences.