Saturday, April 26, 2008

Louis' First Brag

Today on a total whim I entered Louis in an AKC Fun Match (not for points). Our plan was just to go and socialize, but after receiving some encouragement from some people there I decided it would be fun to try showing him. Louis was barely eligible as he just turned 3 months old (the minimum age) two days ago. I have never shown a dog, so I was pretty clueless. Thankfully Louis was shining bright enough to hide all my mistakes. It was a good learning experience for us both.

Our first time in the ring was breed specific. Since Louis was the only Newfoundland he won Best of Breed and First Place :-) Not a big accomplishment, but we had fun. He trotted around the ring looking like the beautiful, happy puppy that he is.

Next Louis competed in the working group. He was up against a beautiful little Saint Bernard puppy, a Mastiff, a Portuguese Water Dog, and a few others. When Louis was announced the winner I was such a proud mama... and to think I almost didn't enter him.

The next round was for Best of Show. Louis did great again. He was such a trooper especially considering this was the longest he had been awake in his whole life. (He tried to catch a little shuteye between rounds, but that only lasted for about 5 minutes.) Best of Show ended up going to a Welsh Terrier who Gary says looked like it was walking on air. I wasn't paying attention because I was focused on Louis. After the show the judge approached me and said she had a hard time deciding between the Terrier and Louis, so basically Louis was the second pick of all the dogs that were there. She also said that he is a great dog and she hopes we continue to show him. I must have heard that comment from at least 10 different people.

Now we are seriously considering showing Louis. Gary and I had such a good time watching our baby strut his Newfie stuff and Louis seemed to really enjoy it too. After all of the encouragement we received I think it would be a shame to not at least try it once or twice. There is no telling what will happen. He might go through a gawky stage that makes him unshowable for a long time. He might become obnoxious when his hormones start flowing. Also, he will likely end up competing against his litter mates and I know there is at least one he can't beat. But, we will likely give it a try and see what happens. No matter what he will always be our sweet little champion - even when he weighs 150 pounds :-)

Lining Up With the Other Working Dogs

Louis giving the judge his best cute face featuring his
beseeching eyes :-). She whispered to me "He is a winner."
I thought it was just a compliment I didn't realize he was going to be
THE WINNER of the working group.

Louis is announced the winner of the working group.
Gary and I are thrilled; Louis says "Is it lunchtime yet?"

Taking a catnap before the next round.

Round 3 for Best of Show
With that cute face looking up at me I could have done this all day.

Louis' First Ribbons


The Zoo said...

WooHoooo Louis!!!! So proud of you! You look so cute prancing around like you own the place. You own it! You are a future Westminster winner for sure!

Bubba the Newf said...

Bravo Louis!!! Your mamma's been bitten by the show bug. Your in for lots more bathing and fluffing, and one of those high power blowers (it's fun to try to bite at the air).


babyphat523 said...

What a beauty Louis is! His chunky puppy body working the floor. Congrats to your little man! So adorable sleeping!

xoxo :)