Friday, April 4, 2008

We Thought We Had Escaped the Storm...

Last night we had terrible storms in our area. For a long time the lightening was continuous. It was like watching a non-stop fireworks show. The tornado sirens were wailing for about an hour and a half. One tornado touched down just a couple of miles away from our home. When I left for work this morning we felt fortunate that everything was fine at the Happy Haus. We came through the night with no damage and didn't even lose power like 47,000 other homes did.

When I came home today at noon this is what greeted me... Look at the birdhouse on the left side of the picture and then look at the picture of the Happy Haus which is always at the upper right corner of our blog. That will show you a good before and after shot. Our house and the path leading to it are completely obscured. A large maple tree fell from our neighbor's yard onto our fence, our power lines and finally landed right in the middle of our beautiful plum tree :-( We don't know how much of Penelope we will lose.

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