Sunday, March 16, 2008

Charlotte's Angels

Last night Gary and I had dinner with our friend Charlotte, her mom Jean, and three of her children who were adopted from China: Raeghan (age 4), Riley (age 4 1/2), and Rachael (age 3). Dinner was delicious and we had an absolute blast with the kids. When I asked Charlotte what I could bring she responded, "Your energy". That was SO true. They are a high energy bunch and oh so fun. Charlotte's ability to take care of three children so close together in age is amazing. The facts that they are all such sweet kids and that Charlotte has a lot of patience and love seems to be what makes it possible.Gary, Charity and Raeghan

Raeghan and Charity being silly

Rachael and Riley attacking Gary... a very fun game!

Settling down with Gary

Rachael showing Gary how her computer works

Raeghan and Charity playing

Charity and Rachael

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