Friday, March 28, 2008

Hooray, Louis is Home!!!

Louis has been home for a couple of hours and already he has found his favorite spot to nap under my computer desk. Of course, this is also Katie's favorite spot, but I made her give little brother a turn. He fits under there so nicely. Every time Katie tries to fit her enormous body in the desk nook the whole desk shakes and rattles.

Scarlett got to briefly sniff Louis before I put her in the upper yard. She was very calm around him... no growling or anything. Katie followed Louis around the middle portion of the yard. She wags her tail every time she sniffs him. If she puts her nose close to Louis' face he gives her sweet puppy kisses.

Louis seems to be very relaxed in his new home. He has already played with some of his toys, taken two naps and pottied outside. I can't wait until his Daddy gets home from work to see him. He is an awesome puppy... so beautiful and very sweet. Don't tell Katie, but I think he is sweeter than she was as a pup. He's definitely a lot calmer and doesn't seem to be a big chewer like she was. He is quite a bit bigger than Miss Katie was at his age. He is 9 weeks old and weighs 25 1/2 pounds. No wonder he needs to nap so much. All of that growing must be exhausting.

Scarlett says "Mom, I can't believe you brought another of these things to MY house. Wasn't one enough? I'll just check him out from behind this gate. That's plenty close for me. I still have nightmares about how that crazy Katie puppy kept jumping at my head when she was little."

Little Louis Stylin n' Profiln' in his new yard
Louis checking out his new digs as both of his sisters watch.

Katie says "Louis is so cute he makes me all drooly".

"Yeah, I'm cute and super sweet. I'm going to fit into this family just great. I may even teach them a thing or two."


Charlotte said...

Oh my goodness ! He is so cute ! I want to kiss his little cheeks ! What a good big sissy !

Hope you get some sleep tonight ! LOL

Charlotte and crew

Ang said...

Lucky you! Louis is such an adorable newfy puppy! Have lots of fun!!

patti said...

Your new one is adorable.
We leave in the morning to pick up
Louie's sister.
Patti G.

Sue and Robert said...

He's absolutely adorable Charity! Enjoy your puppy kisses.


The Zoo said...

We are so jealous! Scarlett and Katie look like they are being such good big sisters! Louis is absolutely adorable! Give him big hugs and smooches for us!