Monday, March 31, 2008

Katie and Little Brother Louis

After knowing each other for only three days Katie and Louis are already the very best of friends. Katie is Louis' sister, friend, protector and yet another maternal figure. K&L are about 60% related by blood. They have the same father, CH Sparnoir Lokie Muz A Me Wilbon (Loki) and on the maternal side Katie's grandmother, CH Wilbon's Rider on the Storm (Tempest), is Louis greatgrandmother.

Katie is so sweet and patient with Louis. He loves to bite her tail, lips, ears, etc. and she is so tolerant of all of his "attention". When they play together Katie spends a lot of her time laying down so that Louis can have easier access to her. She will roll on her back and let Louis crawl all over her. She absolutely adores him. They play tug together and Katie will let Louis win. You can see her giving him just enough challenge to keep him interested, but not enough to make him fall down.

Scarlett thinks Louis is ok as long as he stays 2 feet away from her. Yesterday when Louis went up to Scarlett's little fence and jumped up on it Scarlett started growling at him. When Katie heard the commotion she ran over and growled back at Scarlett. I've never heard Katie growl at another dog (and she has met at least a few hundred). Katie was not about to have anyone threatening her baby brother - not even her older sister.

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The Zoo said...

How cute! They are BFFs already!!!!