Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Captiva Island

Last weekend Gary and I went to Florida to visit his parents. The four of us took a water taxi to Captiva Island to stay in my friend's beach house there. North Captiva is a unique place because it is only accessible by boat. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the island. Everyone travels around on the beautiful white sand roads by golf cart.

Gary's parents on the golf cart outside the place we stayed.

Osprey outside the kitchen window
He was a very cooperative photo subject.

Australian Pine
An invasive species, but still a beautiful tree
Osprey Nest

Thistle & Bee

Brown Pelicans
Being goofy

Wild Shore of Captiva Island

Tangle of vines along the state land trail leading down to the beach

Charity and Alice

White Sand Beach on Captiva Island
We had it all to ourselves :-)

Cactus Flower


Gary's Parents on their first ever Kayaking Adventure

Pelican Tranquility

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babyphat523 said...

Lovely photos! The weather must have been splendid down south!