Monday, February 25, 2008

Puppy Love

Last night I went to visit Louis' litter again. The pups are now 4 1/2 weeks old - an age that I would freeze in time if I could. The next time I see them they will be a pack of little monsters, biting at my clothing, hands, feet and whatever else they can sink their needle sharp puppy teeth into. Of course, I will gladly brave 10 sets of exploring puppy teeth in order to be surrounded by cute baby Newfs. They are worth it :-)

Their little personalities are starting to show. Bill and Bonnie said they were calling Mr. Red my dog because they thought I would like his personality the best. They were SO RIGHT!! If I had to choose right now I would pick Red and feel very good about that decision. He is a sweetie pie. They said he comes to the fence whenever he sees them and stands on his back legs asking to be held. When I was there he was in my lap more than any other pup. He reminded me a little of Katie when she was a baby. Dark Green and Light Green are my runners up for now. All of the pups are very friendly and curious. Most of the time I was there I would have at about 7 of the 10 surrounding me.

Only about 3 more weeks to go until we will know for sure which puppy is Louis. Here are a couple of pictures of two of my favorites. Red man is the one who is belly up. He struck that pose a lot when I was there.

Even though I've seen it happen before it's still hard to wrap my mind around the immense amount of growing these babies have ahead of them. They will gain about 3 pounds a week for the first several months. I am looking forward to watching Louis grow and giving him lots of love during his lifetime.

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Kathryn and Ari said...

What a tough decision--they all seem so lovely! It must be great fun watching the puppies grow up. We met Ari when she was about 13 weeks, and I'd love to be able to go back in time and see her infant self.