Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Grandmother's 90th Birthday!

February 8th was my grandmother's 90th birthday. My father, aunts and uncles hatched a plot to try to have 90 cards sent to my grandmother for this very special occasion. They reminded all of her friends and family well in advance of her birthday. To fully understand the response she received, you should know that my grandmother is practically a saint. Everyone who knows her loves her. She spends much of her time doing things for others. She rarely seems to think about herself, so I was delighted to witness the almost child like excitement with which she approached her special day. She relished the role of birthday princess... I don't know of anyone more deserving.

My Aunt D spent a few days with grandmother before her birthday. Each day they would drive to the post office to check Grandmother's mail. The cards were pouring in. The day before her birthday she opened the PO box and was disappointed to find just one slip of paper inside. She pulled it out and saw that it had the word "excess" written on it. She went to the postal desk and was given a stack of about 50 cards. The next day my aunts, uncles, father and I accompanied her to the post office and again there was a single slip of paper inside her mailbox telling her to pick her bundle of cards up at the counter. The total at that point was over 180 cards! She also received several bouquets of flowers and a big bunch of balloons (she is pictured above with the flowers from me and my sister, Leah) It was wonderful to see so much joy on my Grandmother's face. Her blissful happiness was a gift for us all.

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