Sunday, July 6, 2008

Katie Wants to Save Daddy From the Pool

Every time Gary goes to the diving board Katie performs a ritual of walking in front of him across the diving board before he jumps. She seems to be trying to persuade him not to do it. After each dive she runs to make sure her Daddy is ok. I wonder if he started drowning if she would jump in? My guess is YES.


The Zoo said...

Awww....Louis loves his Daddy! Katie seemed very concerned about him too but reluctant to jump in! Does she not like the pool? Either that or she's so well trained that she knows not to get in!

Orion Count Drulzelot said...

That is too funny! Orion tries to get into the pool (ours is above-ground) by trying to climb up the sides : ( The kids can get in, and he doesn't care, but Daddy goes in, and he really wants to be in there with him.
'Kee, she justs sits by and watches.