Sunday, July 6, 2008

Katie Finally Learns to Fetch

We have occasionally tried to get our 20 month old Newfoundland, Katie, interested in playing fetch, but she always looked at us like we had lost our minds. "Why should I run after that ball? Ok, I'll run after it. I've got it now, why would I want to give it back to you when I just went through all the trouble to go get it?"

When I bought her a special Newfie sized squeaking tennis ball she suddenly decided that fetching is fun. Here she is on the 4th of July in her grandparent's yard playing fetch for real for the first time ever. I think we had just as much fun as she did. We were so lucky that a cold front moved in late Friday afternoon which rapidly dropped the temperature from 90 to 70 degrees otherwise we wouldn't have been able to play outside at all.

[Note: We don't let our Newfs play with regular sized tennis balls because of the danger of them getting lodged in their large Newf sized throats.]


babyphat523 said...

Way to go Katie, what a smart girl!

The Zoo said...

That's my girl, Katie! I'm not much of a fetching kind of Newf either so we are a match made in heaven! I have that very same ball and I will fetch it only once or twice and then decide that it's too much work for me. Then I plop down Newfie style and wait for Murphy to bring the toys to me!

Newfie hugs,