Sunday, August 5, 2007

Katie’s Wonderful Water Weekend

Written by Katie, the 9 month old Newfie puppy

The above picture is of my first time swimming with my lifejacket on. I was a lot calmer and more confident in the water with the extra help even though I thought the whole life jacket idea was ridiculous. [Picture credit goes again to my stepgrandad John :-]

Here I am modeling my life jacket and floating ball.

Yes, I know, I am the cutest doggie ever. My dad and mama say I am the sweetest too.

Next, mama set up the sprinkler for me since I really prefer it to the pool.
The water tastes good!!

YUM!! I bet I drank a gallon of this delicious water.

I must attack and kill this ferocious water

I love this sprinkler game, but having this much fun can sure wear a girl out!

After all this water fun, mama bathed and blow dried me. I used to be scared of the dryer when I was really little, but now it relaxes me and makes me sleepy. It’s definitely time for a snack and then a long summer nap in the cool air conditioning in grandma and granddad John’s house.