Thursday, August 9, 2007

Attack of the Boston Terror

Wednesday night on the way home from our evening walk, Katie and Scarlett were attacked by a Boston Terrier. It wasn’t funny at the time, but I woke up at 5:00 this morning laughing hysterically at my mental picture of it.

We were almost home when this dog just burst out of it’s house. It pushed the storm door open with it’s head and them started running straight towards us barking like a maniac. He definitely wasn’t looking to make friends. It was hard for me to comprehend a 15 pound dog hurtling himself at a 95 pound and a 50 pound dog. I decided to send Katie, our group ambassador, forward to greet the crazy critter. I kept Scarlett close by my side in the hopes that the owners would capture the dog before it got to her. Well, the dog went after Katie and started biting at her extremely hairy neck. His muzzle was so smushed in (much more so than in the above picture) that I knew he wouldn’t be able to hurt her. Katie just stood there looking at him with curiosity, trying to figure out what he was trying to accomplish. I guess he quickly became disgusted with her lack of reaction so he circled around and turned his attention towards Scarlett. Now, Miss Scarlett is 14 years old and she has zero tolerance for aggressive dogs that get in her face. She is still quite feisty. The owner of the dog was coming towards us, so my goal was to keep Scarlett from biting that dog until the owner could retrieve it. I pulled up on her collar to try to keep the BT’s head just out of reach of her mouth. I succeeded and no one was hurt. Although I wouldn’t have blamed Scarlett if she had bitten that dog (and she really, really wanted to). He was very rude and aggressive for no reason. I have nothing against Boston Terriers, but this one didn’t seem to be too smart. Oh well, at least it was good for a laugh after the fact. Katie’s reaction was the funniest part. It was like, “Mom, I don’t understand the game this little guy is trying to play, but I’ll be a good sport and let him play it”.