Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mothers' Weekend

Instead of just celebrating Mother's Day, we decided to make it a whole weekend of girl time.  My mother came to stay with Natalie and me and we all had a blast.

The celebration of motherhood began Friday morning with a "Mothers' Breakfast" at Natalie's school.

This is the card I received from Natalie after she was interviewed by one of her teachers.
 On Saturday, Mom, Donna, Natalie and I went to see Disney Princesses on Ice.  Natalie dressed as Ariel.  She shared a big tub of popcorn with "Marm"... I think Natalie ate about 80% of it.  We all had a wonderful time.

After the show Mitch joined us for a yummy fish dinner.

The next morning Mom, Nat and I had brunch at the Purple Cow where Natalie and I took our first selfie photos.  The pictures remind me of ones you would get from an old fashioned photo booth.

 That afternoon we went to the Children's Theater to see a production of Sleeping Beauty. Natalie doesn't have a sleeping beauty dress, so she decided to dress as Cinderella.

It was a wonderful weekend with two of my very favorite people on the planet.  

It is quite a wonderful gift to be in the middle of this mother sandwich.  Being a daughter to such an amazing Mother, having an extraordinary daughter of my own and spending time with them together is one of the best feelings in the world.

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Kathy said...

Reading Natalie's letter to you cracked me up, because my daughter also wrote me a letter this Mother's Day: "My Mommy is the best because she loads all the dishes in the dishwasher." True, true ...