Monday, June 9, 2014

Moments in May

Since I'm on a kick of trying to catch up on my blog posts I thought I would post some miscellaneous pictures that show what Natalie and I have been doing lately.  From all the recent posts you can see that our lives have been extremely full.  I am actually ready for some quiet time now, but I'm guessing Natalie is not.  She loves to be on the go and be around people as much as possible.

One of the things we love to do on an almost daily basis is turn on some loud, happy music and dance around the house for about 30 minutes.  The other day Natalie wanted to wear one of her fancy dresses during our dance.  She loves it when I pick her up, spin her around and then throw her on the bed.  This particular time I was captivated by the way she looked in her red dress against the blue and white material, so I asked her to be still so I could take a couple of pictures.

Hanging out with her friend at a birthday party.

Natalie's little boy friend requested princesses and race cars on his birthday cake.  It was a definite crowd pleaser.

One of my favorite moments in May was when I took Louie to visit Natalie's class at school.  We gave them all a lesson on how to introduce yourself to a dog you don't know.

Natalie was so proud to have HER dog at school.
She enjoyed introducing Louie to all of her friends.

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Ally @ Even Miracles said...

Natalie reminds me so much of Lia. The love of Frozen, ballet and the song Happy. So typical of a 4 yr old little girl. The video is too cute.
Ally @ Even Miracles