Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Natalie is 4!!!!

The Saturday before Natalie's birthday party one of her friends was celebrating their birthday at the same Museum as Natalie's party.  The pictures below where Natalie is wearing a purple shirt are from the other birthday party. The first pic is of her with her best buddy Jack.  When a little girl sat in the seat to Natalie's left Jack got very upset because he wanted to sit next to Natalie.  We quickly grabbed a chair and squeezed it in on her other side.  It warms my heart to see how much Natalie's friends like her.  

Natalie is cute from the back too :) Her hair is getting long which thrills her to no end.  I think she dreams of having hair as long as Rapunzel.

Jumping a week ahead now to Natalie's Birthday Party.

I explained to Natalie that her party was taking place a few days before her actual birthday.  She must have understood exactly what I meant because when some friends at the party said, "How old are you now Natalie?" her response was "Still Three!"

Natalie was a natural at hostessing.  As each of her guests arrived she ran up to them squealing their name with delight and throwing her arms around them in a giant bear hug.  She was so happy to be with her friends.  It was the best birthday ever!

Natalie and Jack, together again :)

Natalie got to choose 5 animals to visit at her party.  Her first request was an owl, but the Museum didn't have one.  Her second choice was a snake.  We got to meet and pet a gorgeous Scarlett King Snake aptly named Scarlett. (video to follow soon)

Next Natalie requested an alligator - quite a surprising choice from such a frilly little girly-girl.  I was surprised that the museum actually had an alligator.  His name is Peanut and he is 2 years old.  We got to pet his tail.  He didn't seem to mind the attention.  The only time he got upset was when they put him back in his little carrier.  He didn't like that AT ALL and let them know it with a lot of hissing and thrashing.

Next we saw a beautiful orange parrot.  We didn't get to pet him because he bites!  Then we saw a very friendly blue-tongued skink.  And last, but not least, we got to meet the only cuddly animal of the bunch a super sweet ferret.

Listening to the animal handler talk about each of the animals.

After the animal visit, we all sang happy birthday to Natalie and ate cupcakes and ice-cream. Then the kids were let loose to explore the section of the museum that was designed especially for children 6 and under.

Natalie was a bit sad the previous week that she never got a chance to wear the ladybug dress from the children's theater pictured below.  I made sure that she got a turn on her birthday.  She was thrilled!

Playing on the pirate ship with her friends.

Chillin' at the "beach" with a couple of friends.

Back at home after the party Natalie got to open all of her presents.  It was like Christmas all over again.

It was the Happiest Birthday Ever!  The gifts were wonderful, but the best part for Natalie was getting to be with all of her friends.  I was so proud of her for being such a sweet, gracious hostess.


Bebe Blogger said...

Happy Birthday, Natalie! The big FOUR - how exciting! :)

Tracy said...

What a wonderful place for a birthday, she looks thrilled to be there!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! You are such a joy!!