Sunday, February 2, 2014

2013 Holidays

Last Thanksgiving my mother was staying with us as she recovered from liver transplant surgery.  Two of our favorite cousins also came to see us. This is a picture of Cousin A with Katie and Louie.  She is so good with the Newfs.
During Thanksgiving dinner Natalie climbed behind me and started playing with my hair.  These pictures aren't the greatest, but I love seeing the joy in her eyes.

This was the first year that Natalie helped me decorate the tree.  Her ornaments were a bit clumped together, but she had fun doing it.
After Natalie's school Christmas performance (video to follow sometime in the future) she got a chance to sit on Santa's lap.  We role played this moment many times before it really happened - with each of us taking turns being Santa - so when the moment came she was not a bit scared.  She was so eager to get on Santa's lap that she almost jumped up there before the previous child got off.  During practice when I asked what she wanted for Christmas she would sometimes say a Jasmine doll and other times would say "Nothing.  If I want something I'll just buy it myself!"  She just recently started getting an allowance (a dollar per week for every year of age).  She is learning about setting goals and saving money.  Her daddy would be proud.
Natalie also had a Christmas party at school.  Most of the parents attended, and it was nice to get to visit with them.  Natalie's favorite part of the day was dressing up in a pretty dress and wearing black shoes.  Since I usually make her wear tennis shoes (which have special inserts to help align her feet and legs) she is always thrilled to get the chance to wear something fancier.

On Christmas Day Natalie had a wonderful time giving and receiving gifts.  One of her favorite presents was the castle tent pictured below.  Another was her Belle dress which she is wearing in the picture.  And yes, she did get her little Jasmine doll.

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Tracy said...

Lovely post. Your blog will be such a great record for Natalie as she grows up.x