Monday, January 7, 2013

Post Adoption Report

Late last year we had our one year follow up visit with our super sweet social worker.  She wrote up a glowing report about how well Natalie has adjusted to us and how much progress she has made.  This will be our final report to be sent to China.  We hope they are reassured that we are giving Natalie the best care possible and that she is as loved as any child could possibly be.  When they entrusted us with her they gave us the most precious gift imaginable.  My heart overflows with gratitude for every single day we have together.

Natalie giving our social worker a High Five.

Our little bookworm

After we left the cafe the three of us had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

Wiggle Worm :)

Natalie especially loved the lobster bisque and my salmon.  I think she would be happy to eat seafood every day.

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Bebe Blogger said...

Happy news! She's so pretty in red. Natalie has good culinary taste. :)