Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"As God is My Witness, I'll Never Go Hungry Again"

Any other "Gone With the Wind" fans out there? I am a huge fan myself. Some of you may not know that my full name is Wilbon's Katie Scarlett O'Hara. Like the heroine of that book, I love the feeling of a full belly and the comfort of knowing that the dog pantry is fully stocked up.

Mama orders our food online and a big shipment just came in. If Louie and I had our way we would get ten pounds of dog food a day, but our parents are big meannies and insist we stay slim...some mumbo jumbo about that being better for our joints. Our diet is also strict because we never get any wheat, corn or soy. Now this part I have no complaints about 'cause those fillers give my brother a terrible rash. Our Newfoundland ancestors lived mainly off fish and so do we. We love our Orijen 6 fish food so much that we will do lots of tricks just for one piece of kibble. When a whole bowl is put in front of me...WOW...the only word that comes to mind is "Heaven".

Lots of love and Newfie kisses to all my doggie and human friends, Katie



JackDaddy said...

Is that a white paw on one of the puppies?

JackDaddy said...

I guess it is. I've never noticed that before!

Sue said...

those are the two luckiest dogs on earth to have you guys as their parents. I hope they know this!

Anonymous said...

Did you find a good place online to order the Orijen?

If so, where?


Charity, Gary, Katie and Louie said...


I get our Orijen from Once you are on their mailing list they will send you coupons every week. I always buy my food when I have a coupon for at least 20% off. If you want me to send you the next coupon I get from them email me at