Saturday, August 29, 2009

Louie's First Draft Lesson

Since I turned 19 months old recently and since the weather was decent today, I was finally able to talk Mama into giving me my first draft lesson. I have to admit I didn't really know what a "draft" was... I thought it was like a little breeze or something. But, I remembered that Katie always gets really excited whenever she gets to go drafting, so I wanted to try it out.

First Mama put this harness on me which was pretty much the same as my car seatbelt, so I didn't mind it a bit. Then she told me to "Stand" and "Stay"...piece of cake for a pro like me. Then she started hooking me up to this wagon thing. I didn't care because I was focused on my Stand Stay. Then she told me "Forward" and offered me a salmon treat - Yum! I started walking forward and it felt weird because something was dragging behind me. It made me walk kind of funny for the first minute or so, but I stayed calm because that's just the way I am... call me Mr. Stability. Mama said she was so proud of me and she complimented me the whole time on what a good job I was doing.

Here I am patiently waiting for Mama to unhook the cart.

When can we go again Mom?


bernernewf said...

Aw, yeah Louie! We did our first draft lesson with our Newf Blue today...he was a little nervous at first, he was trying to turn around between the shafts and his tail was tucked:( But my husband persevered with him, and after a few minutes his tail was wagging!

One question, and I am by no means an expert....aren't the shafts a little high? It looked like they were sometimes up near his head...could be the angle or something. We have bent shafts and are using training wheels with a basket, so I am not familiar with the wagon. Just curious....

Louis is cute. he reminds me of my Newf. How big is he?

JackDaddy said...

I am amazed when I see these videos. Someone has the patience of Job!

Charity, Gary, Katie and Louie said...

Hi Bernernewf,

Great question! The straight shaft placement of wagons is quite different from the bent shaft placement of 2 wheeled carts. We may need to fine tune the shafts a bit. Once Louie becomes completely relaxed when carting that will be easier to do, but the shafts are very close to being where they need to be.

Wagons are also different than carts because their four wheels make them much more difficult to turn, but they have the advantage of being much more stable. Since our main reason for carting is to pull small children around stability is critical for us.

Happy Drafting :-)