Sunday, September 27, 2009

Five for Five

People keep telling us that it is unusual for Newfoundlands to succeed in obedience competition. Louie has been in the Rally Obedience Ring five times and all five times he qualified. Today he earned his second leg toward his RA/Rally Advanced title. It was a tough run today because someone was playing with their dog and a toy right on the other side of the gate. Louie was very interested, but when I told him to leave it he got back on track. Also, the jump was immediately after a right turn which didn't give him a lot of room. I was worried, but Louie sailed over the jump. Gary built us some awesome jumps at home yesterday. We practiced last night and first thing this morning. I think that made a huge difference for Louie in the ring today.

Louie earning his 2nd Rally Obedience Advanced leg:

Louie on the left with his three ribbons and Katie on the right with her ribbon

Louie can never be serious for too long :-)

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JacksDad said...

Congratulations to everyone! Thank you for the video. It's very interesting to watch someone who knows what they are doing!