Thursday, June 4, 2009

Louie Was Awesome Tonight!

Tonight Louie, at just 16 months old, made his first dog therapy visits. We visited the Good Shepherd Nursing Home and the Arkansas Hospice Inpatient Center. He was as good as gold at both facilities. I am so proud of our puppy. He brought so much joy into people's lives tonight. At least 5 different people asked to take pictures of him including these two EMTs. It amazed me how many people came right up to this 125 pound dog and got down on the floor with him and started petting him and cuddling without a bit of fear. They could tell by his face that he is a total sweetheart which is SO very true; Louie loves everyone he meets. Tonight was the beginning of a very successful dog therapy career.


Checkers said...

how wonderful - I would like to be a therapy dog - I think people would like me - but my trainer [mom] doesn't work with me enough

JackDaddy said...

Yeah Louie!!!