Monday, June 15, 2009

A Grand Weekend for the Girls

Katie and I had a little adventure this weekend. Friday night we left Gary and Louie at home and drove to Southwest Arkansas to spend the weekend with my Grandmother. My Grandmother has never owned an inside dog, but as the weekend went on she seemed to get very comfortable with having Katie around. In fact yesterday she commented, "Katie just isn't any trouble at all, is she?"

Katie says "I love my Grandma!"

Saturday Grandmother, Katie and I drove to Texarkana where Katie competed in Rally Advanced Obedience. I was so thrilled that Katie qualified and earned her second leg. It was a very distracting environment which is something Katie really struggles with, but she did it!!!

Sunday though was just too difficult. There was a handler in the next ring just a few feet away from us throwing a dumbbell for his dog to retrieve. That was just too much for Katie. She was so preoccupied by all of that commotion that she couldn't pay attention to me. So I think our next step is to have someone start throwing a dumbbell in class right next to us while I teach Katie to ignore it.


JackDaddy said...

Good for Katie and Grandma. I know how hard it can be when someone is throwing something!

Ellen Crane said...

Big grats to your great girl Katie... she's just such a sweetheat!

Checkers said...

wow - i can't even imagine concentrating in that environment - glad the grandma enjoyed Katie